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Our Services

We provide one-on-one tutoring that will boost your child's academic development in math and science.


We will carefully assess your student and your goals which may include improving grades, getting a year or more ahead of school, or preparing for exams.


We will craft a custom-tailored plan to meet your goals based on our extensive experience working with a wide variety of students at different achievement levels.


Whether your student wants to get ahead or needs to catch up, we will match his or her pace during our 1-on-1 lessons.


We will continuously monitor your student's progress to help fine-tune our approach and keep you updated.

Our Subjects

We specialize in teaching math, physics, and chemistry at all levels and aim to exceed academic standards including Common Core, Advanced Placement, and the SAT/ACT.

About us

We are a family of nerds who love to teach.

Who We Are

At its heart, our team is a family. The founders of Quantum Tutoring, Nick and Minh-Trang, met working at a solar technology start-up and married in 2012. They have been tutoring full-time ever since then and are proud parents of Mina, Sophie, Simon, and Christopher.

What We Do

We provide one-on-one tutoring that will boost your child's academic development in math and science.

  • Deep background in science, technology, engineering, and math
  • Full range of instruction from elementary school to college level
  • Customized curriculum to meet your goals and get ahead
  • Continuous attention and personalized feedback
  • Family values and accountability
  • Specialized for STEM education
  • Increase student motivation
  • Boost grades and confidence in math and science classes
  • Improve college entrance SAT/ACT test scores

Our Team Leaders


Nick Honda


Nick is a UC Berkeley engineering graduate
with over 15 years of private tutoring and teaching experience.


Minh-Trang Honda


Minh-Trang coordinates scheduling, billing,
and everything under the sun. She is also a proud mom.

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